6×12 anamorphic (omniscope) pinhole camera





Anamorphic image is captured on film wrapped on cylinder placed paralell to pinhole lens axis. This version is more users friendly- easy to load and film advancing.
Camera produces cool and unusual effects and perspective. Image is undistorted in center area, on the sides distortion effect is very strong. Camera body made from stained sycamore wood, protected with acrylic varnish.  Metal knobs in chrome finishing 
-cylinder diameter 40mm- ultra wide angle of view. You can get 5 omniscope images per one roll of 120 film
– frame size 6x12cm
– pinhole aperture size 0,2mm made in very thin (0,04mm) steel sheet
– two winding knobs
– frame numbers inspection window 
-1/4 inch tripod socket


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