6×9 pinhole camera


Upgraded version of 6×9 camera – with 52mm filter socket and sliding shutter
Wooden body with brass finishes made with finest attention to detail.
Film type 120 – (6x9cm frame size). Takes up to 8 pictures. Frame numbers can be seen in red window on the back of the camera
0,2 mm pinhole aperture . The hole is made used precission mini drills.
Angle of view is 102 mm this is equivalent to the ultra wide lens of a 35 mm SLR .
No View finder is required as you can get e

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Body: brown stained and acrylic varnish painted sycamore wood
Focal length: 34mm
Aperture equivalent 170
Exposure factor for f22: 59,7
Angle of view: 102 degrees



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