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Purchase Now Within last 10 years more than 2000 cameras were made. All models are our design, they are developed and tested in our workshop

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about the company

Vermeer Camera is a small family business established 14 years ago, in 2006.
We are based in Wroclaw/ Poland. We are manufacturing medium and large format pinhole cameras.
They are made from wood, mostly from eropean sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus).
Inner elements an sliding shutters are made are made from high quality plywood from Finland.
Cameras are handcrafted and made in small series.
We offer also custom made models of cameras, pinhole and lensed, based on large format lenses”

Vermeer pinhole camera

I’m making Vermeer pinhole cameras in small series and also custom made to order

Regular models of Vermeer pinhole cameras are available for quick dispatch as ready made.

If you want to buy pinhole camera, check please my pinhole camera shop.

Vermeer camera shop offer five ready made models of pinhole cameras and soon next ones will be added.

I’m making many different custom versions of pinhole cameras. So, if you have any non typical idea and you can’t find ready made pinhole camera which will suit your needs – contact me.

I will try to help in your decission and will describe available models.

All pinhole cameras in vermeer camera shop section are handmade from sycamore wood. Medium format cameras has installed two winding knobs. It help to keep film flat and wrap exposed film more tightly.

– Vermeer 69 is flat plane pinhole camera, frame size is 6x9cm. Focal length is short- 34mm, which means that camera has very wide angle of view. This pinhole camera is very easy to use, it’s a good choice for beginners.

-Vermeer 613 and 617 pinhole cameras are panoramic ones. Aspect ratio is larger than 1:1,5. They are also so called curved plane cameras. Film is not flat, like in standard film camera, but wrapped on curved guides, which are shaped as a part of circle. So, distance from sensitive material to the pinhole”lens” is the same in the center and at the edges as well. Why this is important? This design help to avoid vignetting at the edges, despite frame size is very wide.

Panoramic films might be developed in every photo lab, which offer processing 120 film type, but not every lab will able to scan it. So, own scanner might be very helpful. In summary- both cameras are not so complicated in use, but some basic skills in use of pinhole cameras is needed.

-Vermeer 617 anamorphic (omniscope) camera is a different device. It makes very distorted images, which are really cool, but you need some praktice before you will get satisfying results. In this camera film, which is wrapped around full circle guides, is positioned paralell to pinhole aperture. Pointing at shot might be a little tricky, because camera “can’t see” image straight in front of pinhole.

– Vermeer 45 – frame size is 4×5 inch. Angle of view is almost 127 degrees, which makes it ultra wide camera. Light sensitive material is not loaded straight into camera- it should be placed in film holders. They are very common- many companies manufacture them. Most popular brands are: Fidelity, Lisco, Riteway, Toyo, Zebra.

Check please vermeer camera shop, if you will consider to pinhole camera buy.