Handcrafting pinhole cameras in the digital era. Does it make sense?

Handcrafting pinhole cameras in the digital era. Does it make sense?
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Photo industry creates every year dozens new models of cameras. Most of them are digital. They are more and more sophisticated. Before i wil anwer the main question in title i wil describe main differences traditional vs digital photography.

Traditional vs digital photography

In film cameras we use light sensitive materials, digital cameras has installed matrix. Negatives usually has constant ISO speed, some of them could be exposed in higher ISO, but need to be developed other way. you also can’t capture pictures different ISO speed on one film.

Choosing right combination of negatives, developers and photographic papers you can get really wide range of interesting effects. However it requires some experience and access to the darkroom.

Digital camera allow to preview the results instantly, this big advantage in digital vs analog photography.

Other important thing is image quality analog vs digital images.

Digital photography vs traditional photography – image quality

Comparing 35mm SLR film cameras and digital cameras we need to confess that matrix has higher resolution than film. But large format film cameras are still unbeteable in image quality and resolution. It exist many digital backs for medium format cameras, but for large format. Only few manufcturers offers custom made digital backs for large format cameras in price of small car.

Image captured on film or slide film is created different way than digital, so is good to know, what is difference between analog and digital image?

Analog image is captured using emulsion with silver grain. In modern emulsions grain is less visible, but many photographers claims, that monochrome picture with visible grain as a essence of photography. Silver grain is bigger or smaller depending on ISO speed of film and also manufacturer. Very high ISO speed film usually has bigger grain. But it depend also on developer used to process film and its temperature.

Digital image has no grain. That, how it look depend on resolution of matrix and processor used. Modern digital cameras allows to take pictures in very poor light condition, which is impossible using traditional films, however it might appear noises on the image.

Knowledge of processes in traditional photography allows to create more conscious every image, so it has also educational value.

Very grainy image taken on 100 ISO film, but in very poor light.

Handcrafted cameras – Vermeer cameras

Vermeer cameras are handcrafted from natural wood. They are made in small amount. I believe that real craft is a real value in the world of amonymous items made in thousands and millions.

Looking at internet- social media we can see that analog photography is trendy and many people want to use traditional cameras and learn about photographic prcesses. So, i think- yes, handcrafting pinhole cameras in the digital era make sense.

For more information and to explore available models, visit the Pinhole camera shop. If you are interested in making your own, check out this guide on how to make a pinhole which will give good quality image.

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