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Techniques of photographing landscapes, objects, and night scenes with a pinhole camera
9 May 2024 Bez kategorii Cezary

This article explores the nuanced art of using a pinhole camera to photograph landscapes, objects, and scenes at night. It provides insight into the required equipment, techniques for achieving clear and compelling images, and tips for both beginners and seasoned photographers looking to delve into this traditional form of photography. Photographing of night scenes with

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Lensless photography and other methods of capturing images without a lens
8 April 2024 Bez kategorii Cezary

Pictures taken using small hole instead of a lens – pinhole photos- are most popular technique of lensless photography. Pinhole apertures produces varies images depending on shape and thickness of metal sheet. But you can get an image without a lens using a zone plate or photon sieves. Exploring Zone Plate Photography In this post

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How to convert an old camera into a pinhole camera and what cameras are best for it?
20 February 2024 Bez kategorii Cezary

Many people, who want to start their adventure with pinhole photography asking the question: what is the best and easiest way – to buy a pinhole camera, build own pinhole camera or convert old camera into pinhole camera? Purchase is alwas an easiest option, however making own camera or upcycling a old camera gives more

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How to make a pinhole, which will give good quality image
11 February 2024 Bez kategorii Cezary

Many people, who started to make own pinhole cameras are looking for perfect pinhole aperture. Buying a professional laser drilled pinhole is an option, but you can also make it yourself and your pinhole will be really good. Key Factors for High-Quality Pinhole Images Before you start to make own pinholes for your cameras is

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How to Take Photos with a Pinhole Camera: Operating Principle and Tips
4 January 2024 Bez kategorii Cezary

Pinhole cameras usually are not complicated, so taking pictures using them also isn’t. I’d like to share my knowledge to the people, who starting their adventure with pinhole camera photography. However, i hope that also experienced photographers will find here some useful information. How does a pinhole camera work? To correctly operate pinhole camera we

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Let’s talk about pinhole cameras – what is pinhole camera?
20 December 2023 Bez kategorii Cezary

What is a pinhole camera, how does it work, and why are photos from a pinhole camera so extraordinary and unique? I describe pinhole photography.

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Springtime in Berlin
2 September 2023 Bez kategorii Cezary

This year we visited berlin early than before- in March.This year we visited berlin early than before- in March. It wasn’t cold, but cloudy almost every day. Not the best weather for pinhole, however i was trying to don’t give up and capture some interesting pictures. Colours were faded, only first spring flowers and golden

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6×17 cm cameras with lens
5 November 2022 Bez kategorii Cezary

Few years ago i started to build panoramic cameras with lens. In gallery below i posted some samples. They are two versions of this camera- fixed focus and with focussing helicoid. Fixed focus camera is a little less time consuming. Focus is set at infinity. This is enough for landscape and architecture photography. Focus is

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Two eyed 5×7 inch pinhole
26 June 2019 Bez kategorii oZMv9hiEbdOQJZugP

Within last couple of months i made couple of multipinhole cameras. Below- some samples made with 5×7 inch camera with two pinholes. Camera has removable internal septum, which allow to make two separate 3,5x 5 inch images. Or one consist of two overlapping pictures. This one version is more interesting, because camera has two separate

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6×6 pinhole Dublin
5 August 2018 Bez kategorii oZMv9hiEbdOQJZugP

Wycieczka w styczniu do Dublina ma swoje dobre i złe strony. Pogoda jest zmienna i można trafić na irlandzkie deszcze,ale na ogół jest cieplej niż w tym samym momencie w Polsce. Ranek następnego dnia po przylocie aż kusił, żeby wyjść z domu- zero chmur, pełne słońce i lekki wiatr. Po wyjściu okazało się, że wiatr

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