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Berlin, September 2020
17 stycznia 2021 Bez kategorii Cezary

Trochę pinholi zrobionych we wrześniu. W sumie jak zwykle zbyt mało czasu, a miejsc do których chcieliśmy dotrzeć zbyt dużo. Niezłym miejscem jest Garten der Welt w Marzahn. Daleko od centrum, ale warto tam dotrzeć. Duży park z ogrodamo tematycznymi -japońskim, koreańskim, chińskim i orientalnym. Oprócz tego kolejka linowa na wzgórze z widokiem na

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Berlin 2019
17 stycznia 2021 Bez kategorii Cezary

We had many plans. We wanted to see many places in Berlin. But time was short and that summer was really hot in the city. So, after few hours of tour on the first day i started to dreaming about air conditioned hotel room. Galleries and museums were good places to rest. I took some

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6x24cm curved plane panoramic pinhole camera
20 grudnia 2020 Bez kategorii Cezary

I planned to build prototype of this camera long time ago, but i still had no time. This spring, because of pandemic my time expanded. So i made it. First version had a half circle curvature. Film transport was without any problems, but on first developed negative did appear internal reflections- kind of small flares

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Early spring 2020
16 lipca 2020 Bez kategorii Cezary

That was our last trip before lockdown. I remember exactly – 18th of March. Remote farm in Sudety Mountains, near to Międzygórze village. It was very quite, we were the only guests at the farm. The village were looking also abandoned. We were stayed here for a week, because i had nothing to do (Polish

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Two eyed 5×7 inch pinhole
26 czerwca 2019 Bez kategorii oZMv9hiEbdOQJZugP

Recently, I have made a couple of multi pinhole cameras. Below are some sample photographs made using a 5×7 inch camera with two pinholes. The camera has a removable internal septum, which means the photographer to make two separate 3,5x 5-inch images, or a single image with two overlapping pictures. I find this version more

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6×6 pinhole Dublin
5 sierpnia 2018 Bez kategorii oZMv9hiEbdOQJZugP

Wycieczka w styczniu do Dublina ma swoje dobre i złe strony. Pogoda jest zmienna i można trafić na irlandzkie deszcze,ale na ogół jest cieplej niż w tym samym momencie w Polsce. Ranek następnego dnia po przylocie aż kusił, żeby wyjść z domu- zero chmur, pełne słońce i lekki wiatr. Po wyjściu okazało się, że wiatr

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2 sierpnia 2018 Bez kategorii oZMv9hiEbdOQJZugP

I don’t remember when I was last here; I’m sure it was more than 20 years ago. This time we came for only three days, I regret that it was not for longer! I took two cameras with me; a pinhole and zone plate. I only brought four rolls of films. After taking several indoor

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couple words about Vermeer pinhole cameras
29 listopada 2015 Bez kategorii oZMv9hiEbdOQJZugP

My goal is to build simple and sturdy pinhole cameras. I don’t like cubic, square shapes and plastic elements, so I use natural materials like wood, veneer, plywood and brass. Vermeer’s camera bodies are made from European Sycamore wood (Acer pseudoplatanus). I offer mostly medium format cameras, but I make also large format and 35mm

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24 listopada 2015 Bez kategorii oZMv9hiEbdOQJZugP

Welcome to my new website. Here you can find information about Vermeer Pinhole cameras, designed and made by me. Soon i will upload more pinhole picture samples  and description of the cameras

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