about me

about me

I am a photographer and camera maker based in Wrocław, Poland. I started to build pinhole cameras over ten years ago. I began by converting vintage cameras, but I soon discovered that making a camera from scratch gives me many more possibilities.

Most of the cameras I make are pinhole cameras. There is available wide range of formats and frame sizes:

  • 35mm (standard 24×36 mm and panoramic 24x65mm)
  • medium format (6×6, 6×9 and 6x12cm flat plane or 6×13,5 and 6x17cm curved plane
  • large format (4×5, 5×7 and 8×10 inch)

I also offer panoramic 6×17 cm cameras for use with large format lenses (90mm Schneider or Fujinon).

I still make camera conversions and build pinhole cameras based on film backs (medium format and instant).